Building a brand image online

It is a complicated process in today’s society to build a Branded product online. It is very important that you are easy to find online. You need to be able to be found on google when someone types in your name. You need to be consistent with the image that you use, so that when people see it that they know it is you and they associate it with you straight away. For example when you see the big white F with the blue background you know straight away that it is Facebook. Using the likes of Facebook is an essential part of building the brand. The size of the audience on the likes of Facebook and twitter is huge. So when you advertise your brand on these you have an audience of millions of people everyday seeing it.To develop your personal brand online the best way of getting people to know about it is using Mailchimp. Mailchimp sends out emails to people letting them know about your brand and it is quick and easy to use. If you could follow my Linkedin page and make me a new connection that would be great thanks.


Brand Marketing Words Awareness Loyalty Branding

The word Brand and associated terms and phrases such as quality, loyalty, awareness, strength, perception, value, trust, identity and marketing




Review on Cico socks in GAA nowadays

I have set up a page to review the new sensation taking over the feet of GAA players today. The new socks that players now want are the CICO socks. These are socks that go midway up the shin. They are a substitute for the long socks that go all the way up your leg. GAA players in particular never wear there socks up the whole way as they do not have to wear shin guards. So this would mean that they only wore there socks up the shin anyway. Then some entrepreneur came up with the idea of cutting the excess socks that nobody wants and only wearing them up to the shin. i think it is a thing that GAA teams across Ireland will be wearing for a long time to come. Only a few teams have started at the moment but i do think they will become much more popular.


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The picky Girlfriend

Its Christmas time again and this means presents for loved ones that you simply cannot afford. These days the presents are getting more and more extravagant and with extravagant comes a hefty price tag. Especially when you have a girlfriend who wants things that cost more then my car. The new thing that all girls in there late teens and 20’s want is Micheal Kors, watches and bags. Even though these watches only tell the time and take up all of your wrist they can honestly cost north of €500. Then the bags to match the watches are not far behind them. For a student who works in leisure center and earns the bones of 8.65 an hour this seems like a mountain to climb to buy a present like this. But because of the time of year it seems acceptable to expect people to afford these gifts. You just gotta love this time of year.